Maintenance Requests

You can submit maintenance requests (tickets) online, anytime. For a new request, go here to TownSq. For first-time users, you will be prompted to set up your online account with username and password. To review any previously submitted tickets, simply return to the same page. These requests are to be reviewed each day, and an appropriate response will be initiated.

If you experience an emergency that requires immediate action, contact Kentucky Realty/Bill Haley: 502-473-0003. Remember that not every situation is presumed to be the responsibility of our manager and his crew. (An emergency is considered to be flooding from an outside source, or a tree limb falling into the roof as examples.) Otherwise, it is your responsibility to engage your own service technicians for in-home problems.

Thanks for your patience during the changeover to TownSq. If you experience any problems with accessing the app, and/or registering/logging in, feel free to contact Dove Creek 1 at [email protected].

We would remind you not to rely on a board member to assist you in handling problems with your maintenance issues, but instead, leave an additional message on the TownSq portal. In the event you still are not receiving timely assistance, again, please call Kentucky Realty at: 502-473-0003.

November 2020